REVIEW: CPW Northern Fights 2017

May 6th 2017 | Assembly Rooms | WickVenturing to the YouTubes, let's take a look at Caithness Pro Wrestling's Northern Fights event which took place in Wick earlier this year on May 6th.The show kicked off with Christopher Saynt antagonising the crowd. He announced that the newest member of the House of Saynt was Kitty … Continue reading REVIEW: CPW Northern Fights 2017


CPW High Stakes 01/07/17 Results

British Legion Social Club, Thurso Lad Chapman defeated Bobby Roberts by Count Out. Aurora defeated Jonathon Richards by Pinfall. Caleb defeated Redstar by Pinfall. Loser Leaves CPW - Eric Arkham defeated Necro by Pinfall. CPW Undisputed Championship - CPW Highland Regional Championship - Title vs Title - Connor Rose vs King Robert Wishart ended in … Continue reading CPW High Stakes 01/07/17 Results

CPW Northern Fights 06/05/17 Results

The Assembly Rooms, Wick Christopher Saynt defeated Big Bob by Pinfall. Saynt revealed Kitty Trouble to be the newest member of The House of Saynt. Lily defeated Mr E by Pinfall. Aurora defeated Kitty Trouble by Disqualification. Red Star defeated Adam Impact by Pinfall. The Lad Chapman Open Challenge was accepted by Lily who sent … Continue reading CPW Northern Fights 06/05/17 Results

CPW Invasion 29/04/17 Results

The Pickaquoy Centre, Kirkwall Big Bob defeated Adam Impact by Pinfall. Adam Impact attacked Big Bob after the match. Red Star ran in to make the save. Mr E defeated Lily Arkham by Pinfall. Lily was attacked by Caleb and The Machine after the match. Along with Mr E, the three of them appeared to … Continue reading CPW Invasion 29/04/17 Results

CPW Last Man Standing 18/02/17 Results

The Assembly Rooms, Wick Show started with Aurora announcing that she had been fired as CPW General Manager due to her actions at 'Poison'. However, she hand picked her successor, Viper. Viper announced that the Triple Threat for the Regional Championship will now be an Elimination Match. Then reinstated Aurora to be an active wrestler … Continue reading CPW Last Man Standing 18/02/17 Results

CPW Presents Poison 19/11/16 Results

Pulteneytown People's Project, Wick -CPW Undisputed Championship- -No Disqualification, No Count Out Rules- Eric Arkham defeated Kitty Trouble by Technical Knock-Out to retain -No1 Contender Match for the Highland Regional Championship- King Wishart defeated Connor Rose by Submission -No1 Contender Match for the CPW Undisputed Championship- Bobby Roberts defeated Glen Dunbar by Pinfall Nekro w/Adam … Continue reading CPW Presents Poison 19/11/16 Results