WrestleZone Live in Peterhead 2017 Preview by Adam Morrison

The road to the Regal Rumble continues this Saturday in Peterhead as the stars of WrestleZone return to the Palace Hotel, one of my preferred WrestleZone venues. With this being the second-last stop before the huge Rumble on March 18th, everyone will be there to make a lasting impression. Scotty Swift, Zach Dynamite & Mr … Continue reading WrestleZone Live in Peterhead 2017 Preview by Adam Morrison

Reckless Intent Wrestling Live In Twechar 25/02/17 Preview by Euan Conway

Reckless Intent Wrestling returns for their first show in Twechar this year after two successful opening shows in Clackmannan and Livingston. They are currently in the middle of a run of 5 shows in 6 weeks and are probably one of the busiest promotions in Scotland just now. As I live in Kirkintilloch, just a … Continue reading Reckless Intent Wrestling Live In Twechar 25/02/17 Preview by Euan Conway

Raging Falcon Pro Wrestling Fight Night Live! Coming September 2017

OSWtv and Raging Falcon Pro Wrestling began affliating back in 2015, with the RFPW being featured on the OSWtv website as an avenue to watch some e-fed wrestling. On September 2017, the e-fed becomes real life. Trowbridge Civic Centre, September 17th, the first ever RFPW Fight Night Live! takes place. Names announced already include Davey … Continue reading Raging Falcon Pro Wrestling Fight Night Live! Coming September 2017

REVIEW: Rock N Wrestle Wrestlefest 2017

The Ironworks, Inverness 10th February 2017 After a two month break Rock N Wrestle return to The Ironworks for the first time in 2017. Two matches announced, a sell out crowd and a Championship match, how was the show I hear you cry? Well I'm getting there...hold your horses. We arrived five minutes before bell … Continue reading REVIEW: Rock N Wrestle Wrestlefest 2017

ICW ‘The 6th Annual Square Go!’ Review by Adam Morrison

ICW 6th Annual Square Go Review by Snapmare Necks

sqgo2In its 6th year of being a thing, the ICW Square Go was held outwith Glasgow for the very first time this year. Newcastle has arguably become ICW’s second home, boasting good turnouts and fine atmospheres when the boaysies hit the toon, but taking one of their biggest events out of Glasgow was undoubtedly a bit of a risk. A risk first and foremost of unsettling the perennial moaners who think everything related to the company of any significance needs to happen in Glasgow or it just plain disnae count. A risk of perhaps not carrying on the special legacy of the show itself and risking it being below par in a different setting. A risk considering the fact that humans are at risk of spontaneous combustion at any time and any of the performers could have literally exploded at any time during the show. A risk….ach ye get the…

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ICW Square Go 2017 Review by UWR

Universal Wrestling Reviews

This years Square Go ( ICW’s version of the Royal Rumble) took place in Newcastle.

I however did not make the journey up north and decided to wait a day and enjoy the show from the comfort of my house whilst watching the show on ICW Ondemand.

Every match on this card had stakes making each match mean something which meant there was no filler just all killer.

New ICW Tag Team Champions were crowned as Bird and Boar defeated Polo Promotions in a hard fought battle to kick off the show. This could be a blessing in disguise as I think  the tag team division in ICW has struggled over the last 3-4 months with Polo Promotions dominating the scene, they needed some new teams to breathe some life back in to this division and I think Bird and Boar are a perfect team to begin the change.


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