Frequently Asked Questions

Who runs this website?

Well hello there, it’s me, Billy Strachan. I run everything from updating and adding content to the website along with handling Twitter and Facebook. The team though consists of many writers, podcasters and anyone that loves wrestling that send me their writing and I put it up. We also have a great relationship with Wrestle Ropes and reblog their results onto the site.

So, do you make any money?

Simple answer…nope. OSWtv is a fan run site which no monetary gain, we do have a donate page if you like what we do and want to chuck over a couple quid for a beer but otherwise it’s all done for the love of professional wrestling in this country.

Hey! You guys know that you’re using the same name as OSW Review right?

The OSWtv and OSW Review names were both derived from OSW Chat which was a bebo (and currently Facebook) community that was run by Davin Molloy, Jay Hunter and Billy Strachan. That is really where most similarities end as OSW Review does an amazing job chronically critiquing wrestling storylines in glorious grapplevision whereas we concentrate on Scottish professional wrestling. The OSW letters mean different things (OSW Review is Old School Wrestling and OSWtv is Only Scottish Wrestling), our branding is different, our content is different and we don’t say we’re the other (and vice versa). Plus we’re mentioned in the affiliates on the OSW Review website (under OSW Chat V) if you want further confirmation that we’re not “ripping off” the name.