Wrestling On Demand

Discovery Wrestling | $4.99 | Monthly Subscription

A company that has now started uploading full events to their On Demand service with plenty of promise to included original programming, exclusive previews and interviews. With plenty of events upcoming and an ever growing reputation, the On Demand Discovery Wrestling service is the perfect place to watch some of the best wrestlers in the world face off from the comfort of your living room or on the go.

Insane Championship Wrestling | $6.99 | Monthly Subscription

The Big Daddy of the Scottish On Demand world, full events less than 24 hours after they take place, documentaries, interviews, panel shows, weekly Fight Club and it’s evolving constantly. It is hours and hours of Insane Championship Wrestling goodness. A company that is really at the forefront of wrestling in Scotland, ICW have put a lot of work into their On Demand service, a bargain pricetag for an ever expanding library of past events.

 Premier British Wrestling | From $6.99 | Per Event

Founded in March 2006, Premier British Wrestling travel around the country putting on high quality wrestling events. Now with On Demand, PBW can showcase their talent and guests all over the world. From Academy Attacks events that showcase the upcoming talent of the PBW Academy to full length shows featuring graduates and special guests.