OSWtv Champion of Champions: Tag Team Turmoil

Round of 16 Quarter Final Semi Final Final
Polo Promotions (Jackie Polo/Mark Coffey)
Britain’s Most Wanted (Damian O’Connor/Scott Renwick) Britain’s Most Wanted
Rage N Storm (TJ Rage/Logan Storm) The ComixZone
The ComixZone (Sean Mercer/Delsin Dayre)
The ComixZone
The Bucky Boys (Davey Boy/Stevie Boy) The Forgotten
The Forgotten (Glen Dunbar/Alex Cavanagh) The Forgotten
STI (Dickie Divers/William Grange)
She-X (Viper/Bete Noire)
The ComixZone
The Rejected (Chris Archer/Mikkey Vago)
The Granite City Hotshots
Irn Jew (Grado/Colt Cabana)
The Rejected
Sterling Oil (William Sterling/Alan Sterling)
The Megapals
The Megapals (Mr News/Randy Valentine)
The Rejected
Team S.M.A.S.H (Aspen Faith/James Midas)
The Granite City Hotshots
Fight Club (Kid Fite/Liam Thomson) Team S.M.A.S.H
The Granite City Hotshots (Bryan Tucker/Shawn Johnson)
The Granite City Hotshots
The New Age Kliq (Chris Renfrew/BT Gunn)