OSWtv Champion of Champions: Queen of the Ring

A New Design

Round of 16 Quarter Final Semi Final Final
Leah Owens Leah Owens
Nikki Storm Nikki Storm
Lucy Cole
Leah Owens
Kay Lee Ray
Emily Hayden
Emily Hayden Emily Hayden
Debbie Sharpe Debbie Sharpe
Bete Noire Emily Hayden
Sammii Jayne Sammii Jayne
Layla Rose
Sammii Jayne
Kasey Owens Kasey Owens
Sammie Jo Sammii Jayne
Sara Marie-Taylor Viper
Viper Viper
Molly Spartan Carmel Jacob
Carmel Jacob

Round Of 16:

Courtney vs Leah Owens
Nikki Storm vs Lucy Cole
Kay Lee Ray vs Emily Hayden
Debbie Sharpe vs Bete Noire
Sammii Jayne vs Layla Rose
Kasey Owens vs Sammie Jo
Sara Marie-Taylor vs Viper
Molly Spartan vs Carmel Jacob

Quarter Final 1:
Leah Owens vs Nikki Storm

Quarter Final 2:
Emily Hayden vs Debbie Sharpe

Quarter Final 3:
Sammii Jayne vs Kasey Owens

Quarter Final 4:
Viper vs Carmel Jacob

Semi Final 1:
Leah Owens vs Emily Hayden

Semi Final 2:
Sammii Jayne vs Viper

Third Place Play Off:
Leah Owens vs Viper

Emily Hayden vs Sammii Jayne