OSWtv Champion Of Champions 2015

Round of 16 Quarter Final Semi Final Final
Drew Galloway (ICW)
Rory Steele (Showcase Pro Wrestling) Rory Steele (SPW)
Bobby Roberts (CPW) Viper (FF)
Viper (Fierce Females) Viper (FF)
Scotty Swift (WrestleZone) Jack Jester (RNW)
Jack Jester (Rock N Wrestle) Jack Jester (RNW)
Damo (Pride Wrestling) Damo (Pride)
Chris Renfrew (Reckless Intent) Viper (FF)
Kenny Williams (BCW) Nathan Reynolds (W3L)
Chris Sabin (Discovery Wrestling) Chris Sabin (DW)
El Ligero (PBW) Grado (PWE)
Grado (PWE) Chris Sabin (DW)
Joe Hendry (SWE) Nathan Reynolds (W3L)
Kid Fite (SSW) Kid Fite (SSW)
Ryan Griffin (SWA) Nathan Reynolds (W3L)
Nathan Reynolds (W3L)

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