Results From Events Attended

SWE Hell of Lycra IX – August 2012

W3L Live in Elgin – Elgin Town Hall, Elgin – 22nd September 2012
Euan G Mackie defeated Luke Windsor
Nathan Black defeated Live Wire
W3L Heavyweight Championship
Mike Musso (c) defeated The Bulgarian Baker Bozidar Branimir by DQ
Taylor Bryden defeated CJ Hunter
Euan G Mackie, Live Wire & Mike Musso defeated The Bulgarian Baker Bozidar Branimir, Luke Windsor & Nathan Black

SWE Uprising – Ardler Complex, Dundee – 16th February 2013
The Weekend Warriors (Ian Ambrose & Sam Ross) defeated Kevin Williams & Martyn Stallyon
Viper defeated Sammii Jayne
Chaz Phoenix defeated Paul Martin
SWE Future Division Championship
Johnny Lions (c) defeated Randy Valentine
SWE Heavyweight Championship
Steven Magners defeated Bravehart (c) by DQ

SWE Uprising – Ardler Complex, Dundee – 27th April 2013
European Championship Qualifier
Damian O’Connor (ROI) defeated Johnny Lions (SCO)
Euan G Mackie defeated Randy Valentine
The Syndicate (Chaz Phoenix, Kevin Williams & Martyn Stallyon) defeated Jay Geddie, Little Johnny Trouble & Sam Ross
European Championship Qualifier
Ian Ambrose (SCO) defeated Mikey Whiplash (ENG)
Fiona Fraser defeated Sammii Jayne
SWE Heavyweight Championship – Two Out Of Three Falls
Mr. News (c) (2) defeated Bravehart (1)

WrestleZone Aberdeen Anarchy 2013 – Beach Ballroom, Aberdeen – 1st June 2013
Bingo Ballance defeated Stevie Xavier
Ross McTavish & Scotty Swift defeated Sterling Oil (Alan Sterling & William Sterling)
Damien defeated Zach Dynamite
Granite City Hotshots (Bryan Tucker & Shawn Johnson) & Jim Duggan defeated Aspen Faith, James Midas & Scott Maverick
Billy Gunn defeated Rob Cage
Lumberjill Match
Kay Lee Ray defeated Carmel Jacob
Undisputed WrestleZone Championship
Crusher Craib defeated Johnny Lions (c)

SWE Presents DDP – Ardler Complex, Dundee – 3rd July 2013
Euan G Mackie defeated Randy Valentine
Bete Noire & Nikki Storm defeat Sammii Jayne & Viper
SWE Future Division Championship
Martyn Stallyon (c) vs. Ian Ambrose – Double Count Out
SWE Heavyweight Championship
Mr. News (c) defeated Sam Ross
Battle Royal
Damian O’Connor and Johnny Lyons defeated Chaz Phoenix, Christopher Saynt, Darren Blair, Euan G Mackie, Glen Dunbar, Gympo Loco, Ian Ambrose, Jam O’Malley, Jason Costello, Kevin Williams, Martyn Stallyon, Mr. Awesome, Randy Valentine, Robbie Solar, Ryan Hamilton, Scott Renwick, Stevie Simmons and Tom Fulton

W3L Live in Elgin – Elgin Town Hall, Elgin – 5th July 2013
Nathan Reynolds defeated Nathan Black
The Bulgarian Baker Bozidar Branimir defeated Jayden James
Stu Pendous defeated Euan G Mackie by DQ
Allan Grogan (w/Sara) defeated Mike Musso
Nathan Reynolds & Stu Pendous defeated Euan G Mackie & Nathan Black

PBW Rock N Wrestle – The Ironworks, Inverness – 25th October 2013
Triple Threat
Kenny Williams defeated Saqib Ali and Stevie Xavier
Carmel defeated Kay Lee Ray
Davey Blaze defeated Jack Jester
Grado defeated TJ Rage
PBW Heavyweight Championship – Triple Threat
Liam Thomson (c) defeated BT Gunn and Davey Richards

PBW Rock N Wrestle 2 – The Ironworks, Inverness – 21st March 2014
Sonjay Dutt defeated Marty Scurll
Just Uz (BT Gunn & Stevie Xavier) & Kenny Williams defeated Saqib Ali, Scott Maverick & Switch
Jack Jester defeated Andy Wild
Ricochet defeated Kris Travis
Grado & Kay Lee Ray defeated Carmel & Red Lightning
Wolfgang defeated Joe E. Legend
PBW Heavyweight Championship
Liam Thomson (c) defeated Jay Lethal.

WrestleZone Regal Rumble – Northern Hotel, Aberdeen – 22nd March 2014
Jack Jester defeated Sonjay Dutt
Alan Sterling, Chris Archer, Damien, Mr. Malice & Team SMASH (Aspen Faith & James Midas) defeated Crusher Craib, Granite City Hotshots (Bryan Tucker & Shawn Johnson), Scotty Swift & Thunder Buddies (Blue Thunder & William Sterling)
Triple Threat
Grado defeated Jay Lethal and Zach Dynamite
Mr. Paterson defeated Johnny Lions
Regal Rumble
Jack Jester defeated Alan Sterling, Aspen Faith, Blue Thunder, Bryan Tucker, Chris Archer, Cysto #1, Damien, Grado, James Midas, Jay Lethal, Johnny Lions, Kaden Garrick, Mr. Malice, Ross McTavish, Scotty Swift, Shawn Johnson, Sonjay Dutt, William Sterling and Zach Dynamite

SWE Uprising Back to the Future Division – Ardler Complex, Dundee – 26th April 2014
SWE Future Division Championship – Triple Threat
Christopher Saynt (c) defeated Kevin Williams and Mr. News
Chaz Phoenix vs. LJT – No Contest
Glen Dunbar defeated Callum McMinn
Three Way Elimination Tag Team
Sammii Jayne & Scott Renwick defeated Debbie Sharp & Martyn Stallyon and Joe Hendry & Viper
Lumberjack Match
The Jackal defeated Randy Valentine
Claymore defeated Trident #1 by DQ
Bra & Panties vs. Mask
Scotty Riccio defeated Jam O’Malley
SWE Heavyweight Championship
Ian Ambrose (c) defeated Damian O’Connor